Hot Lunches
Pumpkin & coconut soup + bread roll $12
potato and leek Soup + bread roll $12
Grilled fish with seasonal salsa, and choice of salad $17
Variety of sliced meats, with a trio of salads, fresh dinner Roll $17
Homemade quiche with garden salad $16
Beef, vegan or vegetable lasagna with garden salad $17
Chicken cacciatore and rice $17
Beef stroganoff and rice $17
BBQ lunch with marinated chicken pieces, sausages, Greek kofta skewer, your choice of salad, and bread roll with butter $17.5 
Variety of homemade chicken or beef curries with rice, papadams, and tzatziki $17
Homemade pasta served with homemade Garlic bread and salad $16.50
Fish Tempura nuggets served with chips, homemade tartare and lemon in an individual box $11

House made salads

                                                              |    FULL     |       HALF      |

Moroccan Cous Cous and Date       $60                 $30
Mediterranean Vegetable                 $60                 $30
Garden Salad with Avocado             $60                 $30
Chicken, Pumpkin & Fetta                $60                 $30
Sweet Potato and Capsicum            $60                 $30

Baked apples filled with fruit and nuts, glazed in maple syrup and served with ice cream $7
Flour-less chocolate brownie served with strawberries $7
Homemade mini pavlovas served with fresh double cream and tropical fruit $8
Homemade chilli chocolate panna cotta $10  

Individually portioned meals



  • Butter chicken Curry and rice

  • Yellow chicken Curry and rice

  • Beef stroganoff and rice

  • Green chicken curry and rice

  • Red curry chicken and rice

  • Yellow fish curry with rice

  • Beef lasagna 

  • Vegetarian lasagna 

  • Cheese and spinach tortellini with Napoli sauce

  • Spinach and ricotta cannelloni with Napoli sauce

  • Three cheese tortellini with pumpkin sauce

  • Trio of vegan curries and rice

  • Lentil dahl and rice 

  • Thai Beef salad with dressing

  • Spaghetti with meatballs 

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Hot lunches and Individual Meals

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