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Breakfast favourites 

Sun-dried tomato, ricotta, and baby spinach frittatas $3.50 ea
Homemade savory mini quiches $3.50 ea
Freshly baked mixed fruit Danish pastries $3.00 ea
Fresh fruit skewer with Greek yoghurt and local honey $4.00ea
Croissant with your choice of two fillings (ham / cheese / tomato / avocado) $8.50 

Homemade granola with rolled oats, wheatgerm, walnut, pecans, hazelnuts, maple syrup, flaxseed, organic honey, coconut oil, and dried cranberries $11 each

Corporate Breakfast 

Light Breakfast

Tropical fresh fruit, fresh danishes, homemade muffins, premium orange juice, freshly brewed tea and coffee $10.50 per person

Continental Breakfast
Tropical fresh fruit, fresh danishes, premium orange juice, freshly brewed tea and cofee, selection of cereals and milk alternates with yoghurt, toasted ham and cheese mixed croissants $15.50 per person

Boxed individual breakfast 
Mini homemade toasted granola served with yoghurt and local honey, mini ham and cheese croissant, fresh tropical fruit, low fat sundried tomato, ricotta & spinach frittata, fresh danish.
$18.50 per person

Finger food platters

Gourmet Platters
Bruschetta toasts topped with homemade hummus, 
fresh tomato and basil (10
) $30
Homemade Turkish Falafels with dipping sauce (10) $35
Homemade Salt and Pepper Squid (20) $35
Bruschetta toasts, avocado and caramelised onion (10) $30 
Thai vegetarian vermicelli noodle cakes (10) $35
Pumpkin risotto balls with dipping sauce (10) $38 
Handmade Indian samosas with chutney (10) $30
Mini chicken skewers with satay or hoisin sauce (10) $35
Greek kofta skewers with yoghurt dressing (10) $30
Homemade savory mini quiches (10) $35 
Sun-dried tomato, ricotta, and spinach frittata (10) $35 
Spicy meatballs with dipping sauce (50) $40 
Vietnamese rice paper rolls with crispy Asian salad, coriander, mint, and dipping sauce (10) $45 
Bruschetta toasts with Mediterranean salsa (20) $40
Chicken Vietnamese rice paper rolls with crispy Asian salad, coriander, mint, and dipping sauce (10) $45 
Crispy bread cups filled with choice of salad (10) $45 
Gourmet Mini Pies (20) $50
Smoked salmon blini (mini pancake) topped with dill cream and smoked salmon (20) $60
Assorted premium sushi platter (50) $100
Tandoori Chicken Skewers with Tzatziki dipping (10) $35


Hot platters
Basic – Cocktail vegetable spring rolls and moneybags, spicy meatballs, and mini chicken dim sims with sweet chili dipping sauce (60) $40

Premium – Your choice of four of the following: 

Vegetable spring rolls (10)       Spinach and feta rolls (10)     
Pumpkin and ricotta rolls (10) Vegetable curry puffs (15)
Sausage rolls (15)                     Tempura fish bites (15)
Crumbed prawns (15)              Chicken dim sims (15)
Crumbed prawns (15)              Spicy meatballs (20)


                       (all condiments included) $55

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Delicatessen platters

Two homemade dips and gourmet crusty bread $40
Two homemade dips, gourmet bread, and vegetable sticks $45
Gourmet mixed cheese and crackers, with dried fruit $55 
Gourmet mixed cheese and crackers, with fresh tropical fruit and dry fruit $60 
Antipasto platter of olives, sun-dried tomatoes, salami, two gourmet cheeses, water crackers (add roasted vegies for $7 extra) $60
Your choice of freshly sliced cold meats (smoked turkey breast / roast beef / salami (hot or mild) / corned beef / honey smoked ham / roast chicken) (40 slices) served with matching accompaniments $60


Cakes and fruit platters
Freshly baked mixed fruit danishes (10) $30 
Scones, strawberry jam and fresh cream (10 cut in half)
Selection of basic mixed cakes and slices (40) $50 
Tropical seasonal fruit platter (half size for $30)
Platter of bite-sized slices (40)
Platter of fresh muffins (vegan & gluten free available) (40 pieces) $55
Platter of gluten-free cakes (40) $60
Selection of premium cakes and slices (40) $60
Mini Croissant and Mini Muffin platters available



Sandwiches, rolls, and wraps
Gourmet mixed rolls (add Turkish bread for $1 extra) $9.50
Gourmet Bannette Rolls $9.50
Meat and vegetarian wraps $9.50
Crusty focaccia loaves with assorted fillings (cut into 8) $25
Gourmet mixed sandwiches (cut into 4) $8.50
Simple assorted sandwiches (cut into 4) $7.50
Individual packed lunches (Gourmet Roll, piece of fresh fruit, drink & cake) $17.50

Pumpkin and coconut or potato and leek soup 
(add a crunchy bread roll for $1 extra
) $9.50
Grilled fish with seasonal salsa, and choice of salad $16
Variety of sliced meats, with a trio of salads, fresh dinner 
roll and butter
Homemade quiche with garden salad $16
Beef, vegan or vegetable lasagna with garden salad $16
Chicken cacciatore and rice
Beef stroganoff and rice $17
BBQ lunch with marinated chicken pieces, sausages, 
Greek kofta skewer, your choice of salad, and bread 
rolls with butter
Variety of homemade chicken or beef curries with rice, papadams, and tzatziki dip $17
Homemade pasta served with homemade Garlic bread and salad $16.50
Fish Tempura nuggets served with chips, homemade tartare and lemon in an individual box $11.50



Homemade salads                             Half  Full
Moroccan cous cous and date         $30     $50
Mediterranean vegetable                  $30    $60
Garden salad with avocado              $30    $50
Chickpea, pumpkin, and feta            $30    $50
Sweet potato and capsicum              $30    $50
Tabbouleh quinoa salad                     $30    $60
Potato, egg, and gherkin                    $30    $50
Sun-dried tomato, rocket, and feta    $30    $50


Baked apples filled with fruit and nuts, glazed 
in maple syrup and served with ice cream
Flour-less chocolate brownie served with strawberries $6
Homemade mini pavlovas served with fresh double cream and tropical fruit $8


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