Oven baked French croissants
Shaved ham, tasty cheese, and tomato $8.50
Avocado, tasty cheese, and tomato $8.50
Gourmet fruit jam, and butter  $5.00


Gorgeous granola $13.50
Homemade rolled oats, wheatgerm, walnut, pecans, hazelnuts, maple syrup, flaxseed, local organic honey, coconut oil, and dried cranberries, served with seasonal fruit and milk (lactose-free / soy / almond 50c extra)


Pancake paradise $14.00
Canadian style buttermilk pancakes with maple bacon, vanilla ice cream, crushed nuts, and maple syrup
Buttermilk pancakes with vanilla ice cream, fresh seasonal fruit and maple syrup


Smashed avocado $14.00
Our smashed avocado recipe with whipped feta, our homemade dukkah, and fresh lime on toasted ciabatta (add soft poached eggs or premium rindless bacon, or mushrooms for $4 extra)



Deli special BLT $11.00
Premium rindless bacon, thick-cut tomato, fresh lettuce with our special blended sauce on a toasted Turkish roll (add tasty cheese for $1, or avocado for $2, or grilled chicken breast for $4 extra)

Breakfast Turkish toastie $12.50
Premium rindless bacon with fried eggs, tasty cheese on a toasted Turkish roll with smokey barbecue sauce

Roast vegetable Turkish toastie $12.50
Oven roasted vegetables including pumpkin, eggplant, zucchini, and garlic with fresh rocket, and pesto

Smoked salmon Turkish toastie $14.50
Thinly sliced Atlantic smoked salmon with, fresh rocket, capers, grilled Camembert cheese, and sliced avocado


Caesar salad $15.00
Crispy cos lettuce with Parmesan cheese, sliced egg, premium rindless bacon, crunchy croutons with our  homemade Caesar dressing (add chicken for $4 extra) 

Buddah bowl $16.00
Mixed greens, roasted chickpeas, minted garden peas, roast pumpkin, mixed roasted nuts, homemade hummus, avocado and a carrot ginger dressing (add chicken, or falafel for $4 extra)

Falafel mixed plate $16.00
Homemade Falafel’s with tzatziki sauce, sweet potato and capsicum salad, mediterranean vegetable salad with fresh roquette.

Thai beef salad $19.50
Marinated sliced rib fillet with roasted cashews on a herb salad, with fluffy steamed rice and Asian dressing


Burger master $11.50
Grilled beef pattie with thick-cut tomato, fresh lettuce, caramelised onion, and tomato sauce on a toasted bun (add cheese for $2 extra) (add chips for $2.50 extra)

Veggie burger $14.00
Pumpkin and lentil pattie with fresh lettuce and thick-cut tomato, caramelised onion, and homemade tzatziki sauce on a toasted bun (add chips for $2.50 extra)

Americana burger $14.00
Grilled beef pattie with thick-cut tomato, sliced gherkins, grilled cheese, caramelised onion, and American-style mustard on a toasted bun (add chips for $2.50 extra)

Fish of the day burger $14.00
Grilled or battered local fish of the day fillet with fresh lettuce, sliced red onion and thick-cut tomato, on our special tartare sauce served on a toasted bun (add chips for $2.50 extra)

The lot burger $16.50
Grilled beef pattie with thick-cut tomato, fresh lettuce, premium rindless bacon, fried egg, beetroot, cheese, caramelised onion, and tomato sauce on a toasted bun (add chips for $2.50 extra)

Tandoori Chicken burger $14.50
Grilled Marinated Chicken burger with homemade tzatziki sauce, fresh tomato, lettuce, red onion on a toasted bun (add chips for $2.50 extra)

Rib steak sandwich $14.50
Classic rib fillet steak grilled and served with fresh lettuce and thick-cut tomato, and caramelised onion on a toasted Turkish roll (add premium rindless bacon and fried egg for $4 extra)(add chips for $2.50 extra)


Build your own breakfast    $10.00
Start with your choice of eggs (soft poached / fried / scrambled) on toasted ciabatta, plus add any of the following delicious choices:
Sautéed mushrooms, or slow-roasted tomatoes, or hash browns, or wilted baby spinach for $3 each 
Premium rindless bacon or avocado for $4 each
Smoked Atlantic salmon for $5
Hollandaise sauce, or aioli, or Napoli sauce for $3 each
Gluten-free bread for $2 extra

Fab corn fritters $19.50
Homemade corn fritters with fresh herbs, layered with smashed avocado, premium rindless bacon, and soft poached eggs 

Turkish lemon eggs $18.50
Two eggs poached in lemon butter, with minted yoghurt, fresh rocket, homemade dukkah and hummus on toasted sourdough

Classic eggs Benni
Soft poached eggs with hollandaise sauce on toasted sourdough, with your choice of:
Premium rindless bacon         
Shaved ham                              $19.00
French sautéed mushrooms      $19.00
Wilted baby spinach                 $19.00
Smoked Atlantic salmon           $20.00

Eggs your way $20.00
Eggs your way (soft poached / fried / scrambled), with premium rindless bacon, slow-roasted balsamic tomatoes, and sautéed mushrooms, served with toasted sourdough 

Fish, salad, and chippies $20.00
Grilled or battered local fish of the day served with a fresh salad of mesclun leaves, local tomatoes, cucumber and onion with capers, a side of thick-cut chips and homemade tartare sauce (add butterfly prawns for $3 extra)

Vegetarian spring rolls $17.00
Crispy spring rolls with homemade Thai cashew dipping sauce, served with a fresh garden bean sprout salad and Asian dressing 

Thick-cut potato chips (must accompany meal)
Thick-cut potato chips (large) $5.00
Sweet potato chips (large) $5.00
Homemade garlic aioli / tartare sauce / Thai cashew dipping sauce / gravy $2.50





Short black espresso    $3.00
Double shot of Merlo coffee

Long black / Flat white / Latte /     $4.50
Affogato / Vienna / Piccolo latte

Espresso with (lactose-free / soy / almond 50c extra)
(upsize to a mug for 50c extra, or jumbo for $2 extra)

Totally tea    $4.50
Pot of locally sourced loose-leaf tea for one (English Breakfast / Earl Grey / Chai / Lemon Myrtle  Peppermint / Rooibos /Chamomile / Green), or for two for $6

Chai latte    $5.50
Tiger Spice Chai or turmeric latte (lactose-free / soy / almond 50c extra)

Turmeric latte    $5.50

Turmeric latte syrup or powder served on whole milk (lactose-free / soy / almond 50c extra)

Beetroot latte    $5.50

Beetroot latte powder served on whole milk (lactose-free / soy / almond 50c extra)

Luscious hot chocolate    $5.00
Velvety hot chocolate (lactose-free / soy / almond 50c extra)


Iced espresso latte            $6.50
Double shot of espresso with milk and ice (lactose-free / soy / almond 50c extra)

Iced-coffee or chocolate    $8.00
Double shot of espresso or chocolate with dreamy vanilla ice cream and whipped cream (lactose-free / soy / almond 50c extra)

Classic milkshake    $7.00
Classic milkshake, with ice cream and syrup (vanilla / chocolate / strawberry / banana / caramel) (lactose-free / soy / almond 50c extra)

Hippy-hippy thickshake    $8.00
Extra-thick milkshake with ice cream and syrup (vanilla / chocolate / strawberry / banana / caramel) (lactose-free

Premium orange juice    $6.50
Local premium orange juice on ic

Build your own juice    $7.50
Choose any three ingredients from apple, pear, pineapple, watermelon, carrot, celery, orange, beetroot, ginger, mint, lime, lemon (add 50c for each extra ingredient)

Fruit bat tropical juice    $8.50
A blend of fresh local fruits on ice    


Delicious detox    $8.50
Carrot, apple, celery, ginger, and beetroot on ice

Coconut cooler    $9.00
Refreshing coconut water blended with ice, and 
fresh watermelon, strawberry, apple, and mint


Classic banana Smoothie    $8.50
Ripe banana blended with, local honey, ice cream, cinnamon, milk and ice (lactose-free / soy / almond 50c extra)

Smooth moves fruit smoothie    $8.50
Moorish smoothie made organic honey, cinnamon, and a ripe local banana, or strawberries, or mango, or mixed berries (Greek yoghurt, lactose-free / soy / almond $1 extra)


Turmeric Power Smoothie    $8.50
Turmeric powder, frozen mango, banana and almond milk.

Lactose free, almond milk, soy milk all available - JUST ASK!

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